What Makes Ganiverse® So Different!

Today, it is difficult for people to socially connect and interact with others on a personal and private level without facing various challenges. These challenges include being divided, pitted against each other, and put in harm's way. Additionally, personal data being sold, harassment by others, and the risk of having your social media accounts hacked are also concerns. People are afraid to connect with others on a face-to-face basis due to concerns about sharing personal information and being taken advantage of by businesses, organizations, and individuals. But we are changing all of that!

We have developed a new platform that is unlike anything currently available in the market. Our platform is designed to connect people across the United States in a private and personalized way, creating a completely new social environment. This will enable users to communicate privately and interact with each other on a level that has never been seen before, empowering them to support each other and rally around shared causes and passions. Our platform will bring together people who share similar interests, creating a community that is based on mutual support and understanding.

Ganiverse® Private Communities

Ganiverse® Private Communities have been developed to provide a platform for private and personalized connections between members of specific communities. Each Ganiverse® Private Community is custom-designed to cater to the needs of that particular community.

A Center For Everyone's Live

We Are A Center To Everyone's Lives With:

1. Private Personal Communication Platforms

2. Private Social Media Platforms

3. Unlimited Entertainment Platforms

4. Internet Platforms

TheGaniverse® Is Similar To A Private Club With Private Communities All With Membership Rules

No Business Allowed, No Organizations Allowed, No Advertising Allowed, No Soliciting Allowed, No Selling Allowed, No Promoting Allowed. We Do Not Sell Anyone's Data

Private Personal Communication Platforms

No Need To Share Your Phone Number With Others When Connecting With Them

Connecting Everyone Privately and Personally Together For the First Time

Texting, Video Chating, Audio Talking, Group Texting, Group Video Chatting, Group Audio Talking

Private Social Media Platforms

We have created a private club with private communities that serve as an alternative to Facebook®, Instagram®, Snapchat®, Twitter®, and other social media platforms. Our goal is to provide a safe space away from all businesses, organizations, and individuals who take advantage of social media for advertising, soliciting, selling, promoting, scamming, and hacking social media accounts.

If you are concerned or unhappy about current social media, dislike all the ads, have closed your social media account, are no longer active on social media, have never used social media, or are worried about social media companies selling your personal data, but still want to connect and engage with others, then we have the solution. Our private communities have membership rules similar to a private club like a private country club, where No Business, No Organizations, No Advertising, No Soliciting, No Selling, No Promoting, and No Data Selling or Sharing is allowed. 

Join our private communities, and be a part of the solution. We are changing everyone's lives.

Unlimited Entertainment Platforms

We integrate with YouTube and include a completely new way to use YouTube®

Entertainment Platforms | Unlimited Entertainment | Streaming Music | A New Easier Way To Enjoy YouTube® | Roku® Plus Many More | Live TV | Movies | News | TV Shows | 100,000's Of Movies and TV Shows | Great For Cable Cutting | A Source For All Your Entertainment On Your Phone, Tablet and TV

Internet Platforms

Internet Platforms | Giving Members The Ability To Control Their Internet Content

Our technology only runs on phones, tablets, TVs, and on any browser

As a company, we believe in having empathy for others because that is the basis of why Ganiverse® was started! 

"Off the Mainstream Grid"

Our platform enables private communication and engagement "off the mainstream grid," separate from big tech, mainstream media and mainstream social media, away from public view and access. It's a new space for all Americans, utilizing our technology. It's not an app, so it's not controlled by Apple® or Google®, and operates solely on mobile devices. Here, big tech companies have no control or access.