About Us

This all began as an effort to assist local seniors, but it has evolved into something much larger than what was initially envisioned. We have created multiple private communities that are entirely distinct from existing platforms, with cutting-edge features. Our private communities prioritize personal connection and provide an exciting new environment with a variety of engaging components that can change lives. These communities are an alternative to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and others, with incredible capabilities that set them apart.

If you're unhappy with the current state of social media, whether it's because of the ads, your privacy concerns, or the way companies are using your data, we have a solution for you. Our private communities have strict membership rules that prohibit businesses, organizations, advertising, soliciting, selling, promoting, data selling, and data sharing. It's similar to being a member of a private club, like a country club. 

We are different from other social media platforms because we have created a private club that is separate from all businesses, organizations, and individuals who exploit people on social media by advertising, soliciting, selling, promoting, scamming, using fake names, and hacking accounts. We are changing people's lives by offering a safer and more private way to connect and engage with others.

Communication Platforms

Are you interested in connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals locally or nationally, in a personal and confidential manner? 

Giving out your phone number to connect with others may not be the safest idea, especially if you value your privacy and want to avoid being taken advantage of. Luckily, there's a solution - you can now easily text, talk and video chat with others without sharing your phone number.

Private Social Media Platforms

Private Social Media Platforms | Full Texting Alternative | Audio Talking Alternative | Video Chatting Alternative | Similar To FaceTime® and WhatsApp® | Live Group Video Chat | Live Group Audio Chat | Live Group Texting | Personal Texting | Personal Audio Talking | Personal Video Chat | Forums | Groups | Groups With Live Group Video Chat | Groups With Live Group Audio Chat | Groups With Live Group Messaging | Connect With Others Privately | Live Group Video Live Streaming | Photo Albums | Photos | Activity Board | No Longer A Need To Share Your Phone Number With Others To Connect With Them

Entertainment Platforms

Entertainment Platforms | Unlimited Entertainment | Streaming Music | A New Easier Way To Enjoy YouTube® | Roku® Plus Many More | Live TV | Movies | News | TV Shows | 100,000's Of Movies and TV Shows | Great For Cable Cutting | A Source For All Your Entertainment On Your Phone, Tablet and TV

Internet Platforms

Internet Platforms | Giving Members The Ability To Control Their Internet Content

Each private community has it's own custom communication and private social media platform