For iPad Users Only - To Fix iPad Update Problem

***To fix iPads so they are able to view all types of websites including Ganiverse® see below***

If you cannot login to your private community using the blue "Already A Member?" button to login do the following


iPads Are Set Up To View In DeskTop Mode Only

iPad Users Cannot View Mobile Web Pages Including Ganiverse® Private Communities

To Change This Do The Following

Go To Settings On Your iPad Then To Safari

Follow The Instructions Below

Once This Has Been Done You Will See The Blue "Already A Member?" Button

Privately Connecting All Of Us Together In Private Communities

Private Communication Platforms, Private Social Media Platforms and Unlimited Entertainment

Something Completely New, Very Different And Much Needed Today

"Imagine a place where businesses, organizations and individuals who want to take advantage of you cannot find you or reach you, a completely new private universe, Welcome to the Ganiverse®!"

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Our Office is Located in the Private Office Section on the Top Floor of the Atlantic Private Jet Terminal Building

Close to The Carlsbad Beaches

2100 Palomar Airport Rd STE 214, Carlsbad, CA 92011

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